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331. Texas, 1892

GFT got #330!

These veterans of the Spanish-American War are on a mission all their own.

Tomorrow we'll spend New Year's Eve in India!

| posted by John, 4:47 PM


That looks like Mario Van Peebles.
Do you mean one of the characters or as the director? Either way you'd be right....
Blogger John, at 5:07 PM  
I think the movie is Posse.
Blogger Jim, at 9:28 PM  
Looks like "Hootie" plays the guy on the right.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:38 PM  
Jim's right that the movie is Posse.

That's not Darius Rucker on the right, but it does look like him!
Blogger John, at 10:18 AM  
I meant the guy in the middle.

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