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93. 1429

Thanks Jim for answering #92!

After his victory at Agincourt, Henry V permitted the French king, Charles VI, to retain his crown on condition that he (Henry) would take over after Charles' death. Charles already had a son with a claim to the throne, so Henry had the French queen swear an oath that she had been unfaithful, and that her son had no claim to the throne. Then, unfortunately for the English, Henry died in 1422, leaving behind an infant son. England claimed the throne of France for the child (Henry VI). The French were too demoralized to fight back, until this unlikely person showed them the way.

In the month of September, we've traversed 2,580 years and identified nearly 70 films. Pat yourselves on the back but don't get too comfortable; we still have a long way to go!

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92. October 25, 1415

Thanks DesiLinguist for answering #91!

"For he today who sheds his blood with me shall be my brother. Be he ne'er so vile, this day shall gentle his condition, and gentlemen in England now abed shall think themselves acursed they were not here, and hold their manhoods cheap whilst any speaks, that fought with us upon St. Crispin's day!"

Note: the hit couter is about to pass 4,000 unique visitors, yet I only have four companions on this journey who regularly speak out. I would just like to say that each of you is truly one in a thousand!

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91. 1357

Thanks to Nora & DesiLinguist for answering #90! We've jumped ahead one year and crossed the Channel into France.

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90. 1356

Thanks be to Amy for answering #89! I saw this young man walking naked along the roadside. Assuming he had fallen under the assault of brigands, I assayed to speak him fair and offer him assistance, but he rebuffed my blandishments and continued on his way.

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89. 1348

Thanks Amy and Nora for answering #88! This boy set out to save his village from a grave peril. His journey took him farther than he could have ever imagined.

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88. 1327

Thanks DesiLinguist for answering #87! Monasteries were a big part of the middle ages; we should visit at least one. This monk, however, has his mind on the evils of men more than the glory of God.

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87. 1326

Thanks Amy (and Desi!) for answering #86! We haven't left Denmark yet; I wanted to spend a little time with these hapless heroes.

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86. 1326

Thanks Amy for answering #85! We haven't been to Denmark yet, so let's pay a visit there.

Need a hint? Oh, all right. He works as an adviser to the king of Denmark, who recently took his deceased brother's throne (and widow).

...Still nothing? Here's a second look:

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85. 1315

Thanks DesiLinguist for answering #84! He's now 2/2! Here's a warrior who resembles Philip of Macedon.

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84. 1303

Thanks Desi for answering #83! Och! I could nae pass the chance to share a haggis with one of my kinsmen. Pity there's no Belhaven in this century.

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83. 1281

Thanks Jim for help with #82! We're returning to Europe, where a knight appears to be carring away this peasant! He looks very familiar....

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82. 1274

Thanks Amy for help with #81! Here's a tough one (maybe)!

Second look!

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81. 1246

Thanks DesiLinguist for help with #80! We're back and although I had a few more pics related to Robin Hood, let's move on into the mid-1200s. Here we have a woman playing chess--with a baboon?!

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On Hiatus

The Trivia Hound will probably be on hiatus for the
next few days due to Hurricane Rita! We'll be back!

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80. 1208

Thanks GFT for help with #79! By Alaskan Amy's request, spot the imposter! One of these doesn't belong with the others. Which one and why?



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79. 1208

Thanks Mom for help with #78! Back to England!

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78. 1206

Thanks Amy for help with #77! Here we have a man whose ruthless ferocity is legendary. Were he a product of the twentieth century, he would be compared with Stalin or Pol Pot, but from the safe distance of eight centuries, some still regard him as a hero of sorts.

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77. 1205

#76 is still unsolved! The patron saint of animals has apparently faded from memory, so we'll move on. This blueblood is rich, handsome, and looking for a wife! Hope he finds one soon because he's told me about his backup plan and it's, well, ill-advised...

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76. 1204

That was quick! Thanks Nora for help with #75. This soldier tells me he's thinking about trading in his sword to take up a new calling.

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75: 1203

Thanks Jim for help with #74! We're entering the 1200s now, where we'll meet some memorable characters. Let's start off with a lovely dinner at the palace with....

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74: 1198

Thanks Nora for help with #73! We're in Lombardy--the far northern part of Italy--and the Germans are in control of the area. There is a resistance group, but this man wasn't too interested in joining--even after the Count took his wife away. But when they took his son too, well, now it's time for action! I asked him to strike an imposing stance for posterity, but this was the best he could do. (Dig the hair!)

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73: 1193

Thanks Jim for help with #72! I went to France after hearing rumors that Richard was there. Turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. Instead of Richard, I found this fellow.

Second look!

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72: 1193

Thanks Nathan for help with #71! While returning from the Crusades, King Richard was abducted! He's being held for ransom in Germany, and his brother John, who has been running the show since Richard left, seems to be in no big hurry to save him. Maybe this man can do something. Who is he?

Second look!

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71: 1184

Thanks Anonymous (and DesiLinguist) for help with #70! I suppose we can't completely avoid the unpleasant side of the twelfth century. On to Jerusalem!

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70: 1183

Thanks DesiLinguist (and Mom) for help with #69! Thirteen years have passed. King Henry II held court in France this Christmas at Chinon Castle and I was privileged to attend. Soap operas have nothing on this family. Henry is trying to decide which of his sons should succeed him. He favors the youngest, John, and is trying ot convince John to marry his own mistress, a daughter of the King of France. The queen was once Queen of France herself, and had travelled with the crusaders, tending to the injured. For the past ten years, though, Henry has kept her under house arrest for attempting to overthrow him in favor of her son Richard. The gossip columns would have a field day!

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69: 1170

We're back in England. The Normans have been in England for 104 years--six generations--and the country we find is very different from the one we left with King Arthur. This man has impressed me with his integrity, but Henry II seems more frustrated with his appointee than grateful.

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68: 1117

Ah, Paris! They say it's a city for lovers, but for this man, it led to tragic relationship that will be remembered forever. Were he alive today, I suppose he would merely have been arrested.

Come on... someone knows it!

Forgotten Film!

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67: 1080

Thanks Mom and GM for help with #66. We turn now towards Castile. ¿Quién es esto soldado valeroso?

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66: 1070

Thanks Mom and GFT for help with #65! On to Persia!

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Now Entering the Middle Ages.
Religious Tolerance will not be Tolerated!

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65: 1047

Thanks DesiLinguist for help with #64! We passed Y1K with no problems and we're back in Europe. Normandy, to be precise.

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64: 997 CE

Thanks Mom & GFT for help with #63! We head back to Norway and visit these ruffians. The year 1000 is right around the corner!

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63: 992 CE

Baghdad in the tenth century! This man is holding that sword as if it had magic powers.

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62: 991 CE

Here's a harder one for DesiLinguist (or anyone else!) We'll stay in the area a bit longer. (Film title?)

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61: 991 CE

Thanks GFT for solving #60! We are quickly approaching the millenium, and I'm hoping there's no Y1K bug in the Wayback Machine! I wanted to swing by the Middle East before Pope Urban II and his armies turn things ugly. So here we are. Shock the monkey! (Film title?)

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60: 974 CE

Thanks DesiLinguist for solving #59! Get this man an eye patch!

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59: 952 CE

Thanks Nora for solving #58! Here we go a-viking!

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58: 941 CE

Thanks DesiLinguist for help with #57! Back to Europe and the land of the Rus, where we find this Northman.

And some of his companions.

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Now Entering the Viking Age.
Please keep your windows up and your doors locked.

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57: 859 CE

Alack, Arthurian legends do not appear to be popular among my regular players! We journey on, and a gulf of some 300 years lay between Arthur and this foreign film.

While we were busy with Rome and the Dark Ages, over in China they were inventing paper, the decimal system, a seismograph, and cast iron. We would be remiss in failing to at least pay a short visit. Welcome to the Tang dynasty. (Film title?)

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56: 535 CE

Thanks Nick for solving #55! And now...the big man himself! One of these is not King Arthur.

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