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Vietnam, 11 Dec. 1961

Today U.S. military helicopters arrived in South Vietnam. Unfortunately, we'll have occasion to return here many times over the next fifteen years.

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853. New Brighton, Nov. 1961

Jim got #852!

Before we say goodbye to 1961, let's pop in for a concert at the Tower Ballroom. Who's playing?

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852. At the Movies, Oct. 1961

Jim got #851!

No hints for this one, either!

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851. U.S., Oct. 1961

Nora got #850!

No hints for this one!

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850. California, Oct. 1961

Jim got #849!

This has to be one of the worst movies ever made...

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849. On TV, Oct. 1961

Jim got #848 before it was even posted!

Here's another great TV show that premiered in 1961!

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848. On TV, Oct. 1961

Jim got #847!

Here's the second new doctor show that started in 1961. Jim already nailed it, so we'll move on!

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847. On TV, Sept. 1961

Jim got #846!

Two new doctor shows started in 1961. Here's the first.

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Happy Holidays from the TriviaHound!

We'll be back tomorrow with more great shows and movies for you to identify as we wrap up the year. We're only a week away from 1962!
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846. On TV, Sept. 1961

Jim got #845!

This show was based on a series of cartoons in The Saturday Evening Post. What was it?

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845. New York, Sept. 1961

Jim got #844!

In a pool hall...

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844. New York, Sept. 1961

Nora recognized the actress in #843!

There's a hold-up in the Bronx!

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843. Long Island, 1961

Nora & Jim got #842!

This teen's neighbor has a bad case of hero worship!

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842. North Atlantic, July 1961

Nora & Jim got #841!

Here's a crew about to face disaster.

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841. At the Movies, May 1961

Jim got #840!

This story began as a Broadway play in 1959. Considered a risky production at the time, now it's a Hollywood movie, and its popularity will endure for quite some time. It will be back on Broadway in 1973 as a musical, and again as a play in 2004. TV movie versions will be made in 1989, 2007, and 2031.

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Cuba, April 17, 1961

Nixon's prediction last October has come true.

"It is a secret to no one that the armed bands invading this country were trained, equipped and armed in the United States of America. The planes which are bombing Cuban cities belong to the United States of America; the bombs they are dropping are being supplied by the American Government." --Communique from Khrushchev to Kennedy, urging him to quit before things got out of control.

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840. April, 1961

Jim got #839!

Who's this?

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839. U.S., Jan. 1961

Nora got #838!

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you all; once those two goons saw me taking pictures of them for #838 I was detained... Anyway, here's an easy one for your Monday.

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838. U.S., Jan. 1, 1961

Here's our first shot from 1961!

While everyone else is celebrating New Year's, these two are off whispering in the next room. Something about Castro, I think...

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Born this year: Julia Louise-Dreyfus, Nastassja Kinski, Eddie Murphy, George Lopez, George Clooney, Tim Roth, Michael J. Fox, Laurence Fishburne, James Gandolfini, Scott Baio, Heather Locklear, Ralph Macchio, Meg Ryan, Mariel Hemmingway, and John Lynch!
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Oct. 21, 1960

Jim got #837!

Before moving on, we should take note of the election debates of 1960. In their fourth and final debate, Nixon took Kennedy to task for his plans for dealing with Castro. People who listened to the debates on radio said Nixon won, but people who watched it on TV said Kennedy won. Looks like television will be a big part of all future presidential campaigns. One of Nixon's comments will prove eerily prescient: "I think that Senator Kennedy's policies and recommendations for the handling of the Castro regime are probably the most dangerously irresponsible recommendations that he's made during the course of this campaign. In effect, what Senator Kennedy recommends is that the United States government should give help to the exiles and to those within Cuba who oppose the Castro regime - provided they are anti-Batista.... Now I don't know what Senator Kennedy suggests when he says that we should help those who oppose the Castro regime both in Cuba and without. But I do know this, that if we were to follow that recommendation that we would lose all of our friends in Latin America, we would probably be condemned in the United Nations, and we would not accomplish our objective. I know something else. It would be an open invitation for Mr. Khrushchev to come in, to come into Latin America and to engage us in what would be a civil war, and possibly even worse than that."
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837. U.S., 1960

No one knew #836!

We'll soon be moving on to 1961. First we have one more musician and an event to commemorate. Who's this?

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836. U.S., 1960

Jim got #835!

Let's check out a couple of artists from 1960 who are not Elvis! Who's this?

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835. Fall, 1960

Jim got #834!

A training expedition turns deadly for this sailor and his young crew.

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834. UK, Oct. 1960

Jim got #833!

The TriviaHound is excited to present the birth of the spy genre.

One of the best things to come out of the Cold War was the espionage programs. Whoever your favorite secret agent man (or woman) might be, you can thank the UK for starting the snowball's roll with this show. It premiered last month. It won't do well in the US until a relaunch in the mid-60s with an ultra-cool theme song by Johnny Rivers.

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833. U.S., Oct. 1960

Jim got #832!

Here's our third TV program that premiered in 1960.

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832. U.S., Oct. 1960

Jim got #831!

Here's another...

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831. U.S., Sep. 1960

Nora & Jim got #830!

Let's take a look at what people were watching on TV in 1960...

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830. Rome, Aug. 1960

Jim got #829!

These two met on the set of a movie that just started shooting.

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829. Conn., Summer 1960

Jim got #828!

This widow runs a boarding house.

Second chance!

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828. At the Movies, June, 1960

Nora got #827!

One of he most famous movies of any decade came out this month.

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827. U.S., May 9, 1960

Jim got #826! So far it's a shut-out!

Today this celebrated and disparaged item became FDA approved! What is it?

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826. Manhattan, 1960

Jim got #825!

This couple is having trouble reconciling mom's desire to raise the kids in the country and dad's ascent of the New York social ladder.

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825. London, 1960

Jim got #824!

This American is considering her participation in a good old-fashioned jewel heist. (Those of you without a time machine may find this one tough; the release date was in 2007).

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824. Lake Tahoe, 1960

Jim got #823!

This former sports hero is mean. Violent. Racist. Haughty. Dying. And he's thinking how nice it would be for someone to write his bio.

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Welcome to 1960!

Born this year: Marina Sirtis, Brad Garrett, Valerie Bertinelli, David Duchovny, Antonio Banderas, Sean Penn, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Stanley Tucci, and Kenneth Branagh!
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Welcome to the 1960s!

Here's a preview of what's to come:

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