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#124-193 were Halloween-themed movies and have been moved here.

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123. Mass., 1692

Thanks Nora for help with #122!

I went back to Massachusetts to check on the colonists and the fanatics have finally crossed the line. The whole town has descended into madness.

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122. Paris, 1662

Thanks Nick & Desi for help with #121!

We're still in France, where this man plans a coup that--if successful--will never be known.

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121. Paris, 1641

Thanks Jim for help with #120!

Apparently when the Puritans said they were seeking religious freedom, they meant the freedom to persecute others as they were persecuted! So I went to Paris. While there a met a headstrong young man and his girlfriend. She was, uh, colorful.

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120. December, 1620

Thanks Jim for help with #119!

More colonists! Most of them are members of a peculiar religious sect and call themselves Saints. Yep. The Saints hired outsiders to help them get established; the bickering has been frequent. A welcome distraction in the journey came when the wife of one of the Saints caught the eye of the ship's master here.

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119. Werowocomoco, December 1608

Thanks Nora & Amy for help with #118!

I stayed a while in the new colony of Jamestown. I have to say these colonists may be intrepid, but they were clearly unprepared for the challenges of their new life. If it wasn't for the help received from this man and his people, Jamestown would have ended up like Roanoke.

(The film version premiered on Christmas Day in 2005--I do have a time machine, ya know!)

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118. Virginia, March 26, 1607

Thanks DesiLinguist for help with #117!

After a three-month voyage aboard the Susan Constant, we finally reached Chesapeake Bay at about 4:00 am. Now they're looking for a suitable place to start building a fort. This man kept some of us entertained with his war stories--though to my thinking they grow more fanciful with each telling.

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117. Japan, 1600

Thanks Nora for answering #116!

We have already passed into 1600! I tried to have a big party but naysayers keep telling me that the 17th Century doesn't start until 1601. Oh well. This is a foreign film, but there's no way I'm skipping it.

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116. Venice, 1595

Thanks DesiLinguist for answering #115!

This man is in the moneylending business. Today he seemed distracted--something about disapproving of his daughter's boyfriend.

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115. London, 1593

Thanks Jim for solving #114!

Back in London, an altercation!

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114. Ireland, 1587

Thanks Jim for answering #113!

We're off to the Emerald Isle. No, not North Carolina!

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113. London, 1585

Thanks DesiLinguist for answering #112!

Here's another with no hints.

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112. Venice, 1570

Thanks Jim for answering #111!

"How do rumors get started? Get started by jealous people." -Timex Social Club

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111. London, 1568

Thanks DesiLinguist for answering #110!

Here's another one of those crazy Tudors--the family that slays together.

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110. London, 1558

Thanks Amy for answering #109!

Again, no hints with this one.

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109. Italy, 1557

Thanks Amy for answering #108!

'Tis a day for tragic figures! This man was killed by his best friend's cousin-in-law during a street fight.

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108. London, 1553

Thanks Jim for answering #107!

No hints for this one; it would be too easily Googled!

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107. London, 1547

Thanks Jim for answering #106!

These boys were born on the same day, but they obviously lead very different lives.

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106. Spain, 1546

Thanks Cheryl for answering #105!

Attractive? Perhaps, but this is a woman you definitely don't want to get involved with.

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105. Glenfinnan, 1536

Thanks Amy for answering #104!

Meanwhile, in the Scottish highlands...

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104. 1536

Thanks Jim for answering #103!

Here's yet another victim of Henry's.

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103. 1534

Thanks Jim for answering #102!

There's been some drama in King Henry VIII's court. It's like Thomas a Becket all over again, where this man's inconvenient stand for principles interferes with the King's will. If he doesn't watch out, he just might lose his head!

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102. 1533

Thanks DesiLinguist (and Jim) for answering #101!

I saw this woman shopping with her verbally abusive sister at the market. The gist of it was that she was too independent for her own good.

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101. Spain, 1519

Thanks Mom for answering #100!

Is the scary monster gone yet, Scoob? Oh, wait. This is someone else. The image is smallish but if you click on it, it's much clearer.

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100. October 31, 1517

Thanks DesiLinguist for answering #99!

Today we reach #100. It is fitting that for this milestone we meet a man who proved that the pen truly is mightier than the sword. Headstrong and sometimes overbearing, he caused a spark that set Europe ablaze for centuries.

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99. 1510

Thanks DesiLinguist for answering 98!

Although we've been to Rome numerous times, we never quite made it to Vatican City. Let's go there, shall we? There's a contract painter I'd like you to meet.

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98. October 12, 1492

Thanks Amy for answering 97!

A hero to some, a villain to more: if this man lived today and committed the same acts, he would be awaiting trial in The Hague. Time has a way of distorting one's perspective.

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Now Entering the Renaissance.
Agitation, Exploration and Reformation
Next 175 Years

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97. August 22, 1483

Thanks Jim for answering 95 and 96! He's 3 for 3!

At the close of the Middle Ages, we return once more to England, where this king fights to retain his throne.

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96. 1482

No guesses on 95? Well, we'll stay in France a bit longer.

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95. 1452

Thanks Jim for answering #94!

Feeling like I had the dust of centuries on me, I decided to take advantage of the public baths. These men were there. My medieval French is a bit rusty, but I believe they were sharing a joke--something about a farm animal.

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94. 1451

Thanks DesiLinguist for answering #93!

We're going to try something a little different this week--the date will not be revealed until after the picture is identified.

Throughout most the Middle Ages we have been content to stay within the confines of Europe, but the time has come to take a sneak peak at what's happening across the Atlantic. We'll start October with a trip to the "New World."

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