The Trivia Hound

1,050. New York; July 1971

#1,049 was a forgotten film!

He's a complicated man;
no one understands him but his woman.

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1,049. Portland; 1971

Amy & Jim recognized #1,048!

He and his little band spend their time robbing drugstores.

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1,048. Indiana; July 1971

Jim got #1,047!

This air conditioning repairman dreams of racing, but it's not NASCAR he's into.

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1,047. England; June 1971

Amy got #1,046!

This bratty kid will soon get her just desserts.

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1,046. Central America; Apr. 1971

Jim got #1,045!

An unlikely dictator.

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1,045. New Mexico; Mar. 1971

Amy got #1,044!

These scientists are trying to figure out what pathogen killed an entire community--and whether they can stop it.

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1,044. Nevada; Mar. 1971

Jim got #1,043!

Our second road trip is in a 1970 Dodge Challenger. Its driver is a delivery man from Denver with nothing to lose. Can you name it without seeing any actors?

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1,043. Nevada; Mar. 1971

Jim got #1,042!

March is road-trip month! We have a pair of road-trip movies, and the first one is road-trippy.

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1,042. NY; Feb. 1971

Amy got #1,041!

A doctor tries to help a man under the delusion that he is a famous fictional character.

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1,041. Queens, NY; Jan. 1971

Jim got #1,040!

He has a little trouble now and then with his father in law...

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1,040. Jan. 1, 1971

Jim got #1,039!

Virginia Slims is airing the last legal ad for cigarettes on TV tonight. It's the end of an era. Sure their products destroy your health, but you gotta respect their marketing machine! Even Fred and Wilma smoked! To commemorate the end of smoking ads on TV, who can tell me which cigarette(s) this ad might be for:

Come to where the flavor is, where particular people congregate. Our cigarettes are made by tobacco men, not medicine men, so they taste good like a cigarette should! In fact, our cigarettes are so alive with pleasure it's as if they are crying out, "Taste me, taste me, c'mon and taste me!" You'd walk a mile for one of these, even if it is just a silly millimeter longer, and you'd rather fight than switch. That's right, you've come a long way, baby. You got taste, and this cigarette is pure gold.

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Welcome to 1971

Stay tuned as the Trivia Hound takes you through 1971, the year cigarette ads disappeared from TV and America gave teenages the vote! We didn't exactly stay on a daily schedule in 1970; my new year's resolution is to do better in 1971.

Born this year: Shawn Wayans, Rachel Weisz, Ewan McGregor, Shannen Doherty, Mark Whalberg, Carla Gugino, Luke Wilson, Wynona Ryder, and Jared Leto!
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1,039. Dec., 1970

Nora got #1,038!

We're reaching the end of 1970! What can you say about a 25 year old girl who died? That she was nominated for an Oscar, won a Golden Globe, and saved Paramount from bankruptcy?

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1,038. Dec., 1970

Jim got #1,037!

Kitten on the Keys

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1,037. 1970

Nora got #1,036!

Who are these kids?

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1,036. West Virginia, Nov. 1970

Jim got #1,035!

These two are dealing with a tragic situation--and I'm not talking about that jacket!

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1,035. Conn., Oct. 1970

Amy got #1,034!

Although not our usual fare, I can't miss the opportunity to mark the first syndicated appearance of these new roommates, friends for life.

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