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22: 1179 BCE

Thanks to DesiLinguist for helping us out again with #21. Fourteen summers wither in their pride, and we find a statue that appears to be alive! I'm not sure it has a name, but maybe you can tell me what movie it hails from.

Two people have orally ID'd this movie today, so I know someone out there knows it! Lurkers? Bueller?

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21: 1193 BCE

Thanks DesiLinguist for #20. That was so quick we'll go ahead and move along. It's now 1193 BCE and we are in Anatolia. More than 2,500 years from now Shakespeare will write, "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown." This man knows that truism all too well. Who is he?

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20: 1256 BCE

Thanks Amy for solving #19! This time we'll take only a five-year jump. This guy got in trouble for hitting on Themistocles' daughter. Every time I see him it looks like he's getting into trouble. (Name & show)

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19: 1261 BCE

Thanks again Pharoah for your help with #18! We've moved 25 years ahead. Sorry the picture is small; I didn't want to get too close! Who are those guys? (Characters & Movie)

And while we're waiting, let's see some creative captions to go with this picture!

. . . Still nothing? Here's a second look:

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18: 1286 BCE

Thanks Pharoah for help with #17! We've now left Egypt and travelled to Thebes during the Iron Age. These are some friends of mine, but it looks like they weren't expecting us! They are....

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17: By request!

Thanks everyone for help with #16. This guy pals around with the prince, but I don't think they're related. Who is he? (Character & movie)

We've seen enough of Egypt for a while, but we'll be back someday. I have some old friends in Thebes; we'll meet them Sunday night--in the Iron Age!

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Who gets credit?

This is meant to be more fun than competitive, but starting today, here's how I will decide who gets credit for answering.
  1. Everyone should feel free to ignore this and just have fun playing along.
  2. Each picture has three fundamental things you could identify: the actor, the character, and the title of the program.
  3. Two out of three gets you credit on the next day's post. One out of three gets you credit within the comments.
  4. If a person already correctly named one of the three elements in the comments, you must name the other two to get credit on the next post.
  5. You need not provide the character's actual name (those are too hard to remember). I'll take something like "the bad guy who was trying to kill Smoochy" or "the fat guy in the jungle that Martin Sheen was looking for" (What constitutes an adequate description for credit is totally up to me!)
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Nora's 2 for 2 with #15! We only have one more after this and we'll leave Egypt for a while. This is...?

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Thanks Nora for solving #14! We're nearing the end of our tour of Bronze Age Egypt. Only two more to go! This guy always looks angry, but I did manage to get him to stand still long enough for a picture. I forgot to ask his name.

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Thanks to DesiLinguist for introducing me to the sorceress! Turns out I'm not her type. I saw this next person riding in a chariot and everyone was staying clear. Who is this?

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Thanks to Denis, we know who #12 is. Since it's already solved and I'm still on-line, you all get a bonus round. Someone introduce me?

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Our tour of Bronze Age Egypt continues. While wandering among the wine merchants I ran into this odd looking man. I think he is a sommelier or perhaps a jester. Any ideas?

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11: Egypt, 1377 B.C.E.

Thanks Nathan for answering #10!

Who's this?

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10. 11,541 B.C.E.

Mom got #9!

We're in serious need of some global warming...

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9. 11,236 B.C.E.

Nora & AbuSarah got #8!

This Cro-Magnon wandered too far from his home ane became trapped in the ice.

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8. 14,581 B.C.E.

Nora & AbuSarah got #7!

This one is the most annoying caveman.

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7. 28,766 B.C.E.

Nora got #6!

Here's a caveman with an affectionate plant.

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6. 32,496 B.C.E.

AbuSarah got #5!

...and another.

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5. 82,419 B.C.E.

Nora & Nathan got #4!

Another cavewoman; only this one's makeup is more freak than chic.

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4. Stone Age

AbuSarah got #3!

She's a cave girl on the prowl.

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3. 4,512,731 B.C.E.

Thanks Nathan for answering #2!

The angry monkey tribe fights with another tribe over a watering hole. This one wants to throw them a bone.

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2. 65,475,215 B.C.E.

The iguanodons' home was destroyed by a meteor shower; they are seeking the safety of their nesting grounds. Unfortunately, there are plenty of nasty carnivores to stand in their way.

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1. 66,198,412 B.C.E.

Surprised? Don't be. These are the first of many time travellers we'll meet along our journey. They're here to hunt dinosaurs; but they better watch out because any changes they make to the timestream could have devastating consequences for the future.

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We are about to embark on the long journey of Hollywood History. Thanks to the wonders of the Wayback Machine, we'll be taking a trip through time. We'll start millions of years in the past and continue on into the distant future, stopping along to way to meet some familiar (and not-so-familiar) people from the fictional and nonfictional timelines.

I remembered to bring my camera, and I need your help in identifying the people we meet. Name the movie or show, actor, and/or character, and receive credit on the next question. The more the merrier; feel free to jump in and guess or even comment at any time. I'm not really keeping score; my goal is for this to be lighthearted fun.

Ready? fasten your seat belts and set the WayBack Machine for 66,198,412 B.C.E.

*All images are copyrights of someone other than me and are reproduced here under fair use. I am not charging anything or making any money off this site.
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